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Service for kids schooled at home.

Online Learning

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Online Learning

I offer online learning in Science and IT for homeschooling families.

Available Subjects

  • Biology (up to GCSE for the UK)
  • Chemistry (up to GCSE for the UK)
  • Physics (up to GCSE for the UK)
  • Computer Science (up to GCSE for the UK)

How it works?

Technical details. I would like to use an open-source platform Jitsi. It is free, allows encrypted connection, no installation needed and runs in Android and iOS.

Another software, which would not be compulsory (but useful), is MS Whiteboard. It is a free program for shared drawing, writing and more. You will have to have a Microsoft account, to run this app, but it is usually part of Windows 10 on your computer anyway.

As a hardware you will need only a laptop/PC/tablet with a camera, microphone and connection to the Internet. It should not be a problem nowadays.

Get yourself familiar with rules for self-directed online learning. It will show you principles and the organisation of learning.


First five lessons cost £15 per lesson. Following lessons are priced below:

  • Standard price for lesson: £25
  • 5–10 lessons: £23/lesson
  • 11+ lessons: £20/lesson

If you have more kids or friends you can create a group. Then additional person will pay just £15 per lesson. There is also a better price for individual lessons delivered to siblings. Additional student will pay only £15 per lesson.

One lesson is 60 minutes long. Prices are valid from 05/08/2020.

How to start?

Information, news and messaging, to help you make your mind, are available on Facebook page and if you decided to try it, please book your first free session in this Google form [CZ].

Timing. I am localised in New Zealand at the moment. It means that we will need to consider time zones for our scheduling. The best times for our sessions will be from 8am to 1pm or 7pm to 10pm GMT.


Resources for Science and Computer Science.

Aquatic Ecosystems

A short biology presentation about Aquatic Ecosystems. Just open the link and you will be guided through the lesson. For navigation through the presentation use arrow keys left and right or left and right mouse button. For a direct jump on some of the slides, click on the number in the top right corner. Enjoy!


List of resources for Science subjects and IT subjects. Available on Google Drive.

About Y.:Studio

Y.:Studio is just personal hobby initiative covered by freelance possibilities.


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All software is offered as it is and no warranty is included. Author doesn't have any responsibility for possible damages or errors caused by software. Exclusion are guarantee by an exclusive agreement and licensing.